We practice social distancing by staying 6 feet apart.

The health and safety of our customers, clients and employees are of utmost importance. As our customers, sellers, landlord & client plan to meet with one of our salesperson next visit to view of our Exclusive properties, we anticipate that they may have questions about the company’s efforts to manage Coronavirus (COVID-19). Every day, we closely monitor and analyze developments and statements from local, national and international health agencies, and we are taking actions to comply with their directives which are based on facts and medical science.

There is no issue more important to us than making sure we manage this situation as effectively as possible, so sellers, landlord, customers & client continue to feel confident doing business & visiting us. We have appointed a senior management team who meet regularly to make decisions on how we can further improve our programs and actions to help protect customers and employees. The health authorities tell us that, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we must: wash hands frequently, heighten cleaning practices, avoid contact with sick people, stay away from work when ill and not travel to areas with high infection rates. All our actions are focused in these areas.

Here’s where we are at this time:

  • We are reminding employees & customers through multiple channels about washing hands often. We are talking to them about it, posting signage in key employee areas, and providing additional hand sanitizer dispensers as well.
  • For customers, we are the first real estate company that have posted on our front door city approved posting about Coronavirus our employees and secretary was instructed to
    • We do not allow walk in or let anyone in anyone of our offices that show any symptom of coughing, sneezing, flu like symptom.
    • If an employee appears to be suffering from flu-like symptoms, they will be asked to promptly seek medical attention and to remain at home until they are free of symptoms or to self-quarantine for 14 days
    • Anyone of our salesperson or employee that recently went away to a cruise, Europe. Asia or any effected area to self- quarantine for 14 days
    • Anyone that they may know of someone that works in a hospital or location that had recent outbreak
    • Before we show your property we will do our best in making sure the customers are not showing any sign
    • We do not meet buyers or strangers or accepting walk in and we keep a thorough record of who we show to & make sure that they are preapproved & willing , ready & able. and not coughing, sneezing, or sign or any flu sympton
    • When we show your property we will make sure that EVERY salesperson & customers will wear protected gloves , surgical mask , shoe covering. Which BRP will provide & sanitizer. 

We are reinforcing training procedures to ensure safety & cleaning processes are implemented properly by our salespeople & employees. We are enforcing “showing training” so our customers control their customers & make sure that the customers does not touch everywhere in your home (We promise to treat your home like our home & care for your family health & safety) We appreciate your business and loyalty to Brooklyn Real Property, Inc. known as BRP Associates, Inc. We are committed to implementing recommendations from the health authorities to give you peace of mind as our relationship & business now and in the future. The health and safety of our customers/clients and employees will always be our most important consideration, especially in these challenging circumstances.

Our prayers goes out to you & your family - together we will all make through this crises - We as American we are strong, resilient, vigilant & steadfast! God bless America!

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Written Declaration of Refusal 


NYSAR Business Reopening Safety Plan Template 

Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Real Estate

Real Estate Guidelines for Employers and Employees

COVID-19 Health Screening and Travel Advisory 

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