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Chaya Green Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Hello! My name is Chai Green. My background is in Marketing/ Consumer Affairs. I’ve been interested in real estate from a young age, as my grandfather was in commercial real estate, and I got a passion for homes through his exposure and teachings. Also, I’m fascinated by architecture and designs of buildings, both internally and externally. 

As a matter of fact, I acquired a couple homes of my own.  One of my properties I managed Airbnb’ing the unit for 3 consecutive years. I learned so many valuable lessons being a host. The lessons learned and the people I encountered from all parts of the world were enjoyed immensely! The most important lesson I can take out from being a host is the true value of clear and responsive communication, by listening to the customers wants and needs. I learned very quickly that by listening to the client’s wants and needs I’m better able to serve them to the best of my abilities, so they’re beyond satisfied with their whole experience. 

I have almost completed a Graduate School dual degree in Education and Special Education. Over the last couple decades, I’ve gained a lot of experience in fine tuning my analytical, research and observational skills. I’ve also strengthened my interpersonal interactions with clients and made every single encounter the best it can possibly be. 

I intend to implement all of my life experiences on your behalf to assist you in successfully buying and/or renting, or selling a home. Let me help find you the home you are destined for with my utmost efficiency and attention to detail. Reach out to me today! Looking forward to your call or Email! 

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