About BRP Associates

Who We Are

BRP Associates, is the most unique real estate brokerage in New York City for all the right reasons. Our motto is "Real Manhattan, Real People, Real Property." Discover what that means to us.



Our 30+ years of experience has seen Manhattan transform into a worldwide destination for culture but, we have maintained our commitment to serve all of its diverse population throughout the borough. While we are anchored in the affluent Downtown neighborhood of Boerum Hill, we have deliberately chosen our other 3 offices to represent our commitment to all of Manhattan. Our Bensonhurst, Canarsie, and Flatbush locations are situated in some of the oldest and most iconic areas of the city and thus they perfectly represent us: grounded and not going anywhere. Any broker can be opportunistic with the hot new area of Manhattan, but only one can build relationships all over Real Manhattan that last a lifetime, and that broker is BRP Associates


In any company, the commitment and values flow from the top down, and this gives the people at BRP Associates the noblest of all reasons to practice real estate every day. Our founder, Jean-Paul Ho, is a staunch advocate for homeownership and education and instills that to our personnel every single day. For over 30 years he has maintained his status as a superstar broker in Manhattan while being recognized as a superstar person by the countless buyers and sellers he has singlehandedly navigated the intimidating world of NYC real estate through tirelessly. From little-known grants for lower income homebuyers to maximizing the value of Class A commercial property, our people are here to help for the long term. Any broker can create a superficial relationship if you have a high net worth and be dismissive if you do not, but only one is genuinely concerned that you have the best real estate experience possible, and that’s the Real People at BRP Associates.


Real Property sounds obvious but it demonstrates our overall commitment to serving any real estate need. No property is too small, no zoning is too obscure, no situation is too nontraditional. Residential real estate is the foundation of BRP Associates, but we have extensive, successful experience in retail rentals and commercial sales, industrial property, and new developments. Any broker can limit themselves to one aspect of real estate, but only BRP Associates maintains the level of expertise to meet all of your Real Property needs.

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