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There are a number of reasons to invest in commercial real estate, particularly in the Manhattan area. You might be interested in diversifying your financial portfolio or expanding your income. You might even be looking for a permanent home for your own business. Take a look at some of the most common reasons investors choose commercial real estate.

Why Buy Commercial Real Estate?

Steady rental income

One of the big benefits to commercial investments over residential investments is the steady rental income. Because commercial properties typically house businesses, these renters tend to prefer long-term leases. Another advantage? Commercial properties tend to see less wear and tear, since, for the most part, they are used only for limited hours, and often by professionals in a working environment.

Greater appreciation

While both commercial and residential properties typically gain equity over time, commercial properties tend to accrue value at a higher rate. For example, a home might accrue around 4% a year, while a commercial property could see closer to a 12% increase in value.

Business flexibility

If you're buying a commercial property to house your own business, there are a number of advantages to this as well. For one, you'll enjoy stable mortgage payments instead of worrying about changing rental rates. For another, you'll be able to improve, update, or even remodel the building as best needs the needs of your business. You'll also be able to use the property without the rules or regulations of a landlord.

Portfolio diversity

As a wealth-building investor, you want to ensure that your financial portfolio is pretty diverse. This typically means that your money is invested in several different ways. That way, should one method fail, you have several fallbacks. Commercial real estate is a hard asset—it's an investment with intrinsic value. Because real estate has a limited quantity, it holds its value over time.

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